Bo F. Munthe

Bo F. Munthe and Johnny Lindroth at a seminar in Frankfurt

According to his own words, Bo F. Munthes interest in Ninjutsu was awoken in the late 50's. From 1975 on he taught Ninjutsu in Sweden. At this time he had the rank of a Shodan in Judo. Aside from Doron Navon (Israel), Bo F. Munthe was the second non-japanese to get in contact with the Hombu Dojo Japan due to his interest in the japanese martial art Ninjutsu and therefore to find his way to the land of the rising sun. Doron Navon already came to Noda City in the sixties an stayed there until 1974. After this period he opened his own Dojo in Israel.

After a certain time of pen-contact between Bo F. Munthe and one of the Shihans of Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi - Shihan Ishizuka San -, this Shihan surprisingly came to Sweden to join the training at Bo F. Munthes Dojo. Afterwards, Bo F. Munthes first trip to Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi in Japan took place in 1976 After a two weeks' visit he came back to Sweden as a Shodan.

In 1977 Ishizuka-San visited Bo F. Munthe in Sweden for the second and the last time up to now.

In March 1981 Bo F. Munthe travelled to the United States of America to meet Stephen Hayes, who came back from a stay in Japan in 1980, where he had his first "close encounter" with the martial art Ninjutsu.

In 1982 Bo F. Munthe opened the first Ninja-Center of Europe in Stockholm. Thus, the foundations for the Bujinkan Bo Dojo, that spread all over Europe throughout the years, were layed.

In 1983 Bo F. Munthe introduced Ninjutsu in Great Britain. Sven Eric Bogsaeter and Brian Mc Carthy received their Nidan by Bo F. Munthe.

In 1984 Bo F. Munthe exported Ninjutsu to the Netherlands. Later the same year he again travelled to Japan together with Sven Eric Bogsaeter d Brian McCarthy and introduced them to the Bujinkan Dojo.

Also in 1984 the European Bujinkan Ninjutsu Society was founded. At a Ninjutsu seminar held by Bo F. Munthe in Wales Ruy Mendoza got in contact with this martial art, whereafter he himself travelled to Japan to learn from Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi. First Ruy Mendoza introduced Ninjutsu in Portugal and later on in Spain (where it also was brought to by Bo F. Munthe in 1985).

In 1985 Bo F. Munthe left the European Bujinkan Ninjutsu Society, because the gap that had grown gradually between Brian Mc Carthy and him had become too wide.

The same year the Bujinkan Bo Dojo began to decay even in Sweden. The final collapse took its place in 1986. Bo F. Munthes students fouded their own Dojo and went their own ways. After Bo F. Munthe spread Ninjutsu over almost the whole of Europe (Norway 1984, in Greece 1984, Finland 1985) and Ninjutsu experienced an astonishing boom, all this seemed to be imminent to break down. Additionally, former friends spread false rumours about him in Japan. After experiencing all this, Bo F. Munthe wrote resigningly to Japan and left the Bujinkan Dojo outraged. But in his heart he still felt related to Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi, Ishizuka-san and his other fellow martial artists as well as the Bujinkan Dojo.

In 1987 he again wrote to Japan and asked for new membership in the Bujinkan Dojo that was granted to him. At a Tai Kai in Great Britain later the same year his reputation was fully restored.

In 1987 Bo F. Munthe came to Germany the first time after an invitation from Wolfgang Ettig. Here he found a few Ninjutsu groups, where none of them had a contact to Japan. In addition, all of those groups were quarrelling.

In 1988 the Stockholm Dojo of Bo F. Munthe had to be closed temporarily. But soon it was followed by a re-opening and the fouding of a Yudanshakai.

After thirty years of activity Bo F. Munthe today owns the degrees of some 43 black belts, many of which he deserved by hard traing, some of them were given to him as an honour. He participated in two movie productions and published essays and books about Ninjutsu.

Aside from Ninjutsu Bo F. Munthe today teaches mostly Goshin Jutsu Mute Ryu Shinen Ryu, in which he attaches great importance to the difference between traditional Budo and modern self defense.

Meanwhile, Johnny Lindroth, who for many years led the Ninjutsu training in Stockholm and at many international seminars as the "right hand" of Bo F. Munthe, took over the Stockholm Dojo.

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